Thursday, 27 February 2014

A great number of people of all sexualities are said to enjoy sexual fetishes from time to time as a secondary pleasure but what if the fetish itself was the primary and ONLY existing lust in a person?  Someone with a fetish-only sexuality would not be able to engage in typical vanilla sex with either gender and only become aroused by their particular (often secretive) fetish or fetishes.

This in turn results in a sexual incompatibility for the FOS sufferer where forming lasting romances becomes extremely difficult and it could explain the number of ambiguous spinsters and bachelors who are not necessarily homosexual but are known to have never married or had children.

A FOS relationship would often be an asexual one as far as vanilla sex is concerned where even the act of kissing becomes a staged process.  If ever a FOS person could forge vanilla sex and go onto marry or have children it is likely they will stray at some point to go out and seek to enact their fetish the same way a married homosexual would eventually stray to find the same sex.

Little is known about the true sexual leanings of wartime leader Adolf Hitler but it was rumoured that he had a secret fetish for coprophilia (or scat) which is an erotic thrill for human excrement.  Could this be the reason his relationships with women were said to be sexless and perhaps why he never procreated?   Then there was British military hero T.E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) who had very little interest in sex according to his only known lover but he was renowned for his penchant for sadomasochism. Could both Hitler and Lawrence have been closet harbourers of a fetish-only sexuality and been quite discrepant with anything vanilla?

There has always been much speculation over the actual sexuality of aging pop star bachelor Cliff Richard who is often said to be gay even though once flatly denying this, he later protests quite often how 'it really doesn't matter'. There is a male live-in partner in his life, an ex-priest whom he refers to as his "companion and blessing" yet any sexual interaction between the two is as much a murky area as to what actually moves him in this way. Cliff has always been defensively cagey about his sex life yet we live in an age where coming out as a homosexual is really no big deal.  There was once a long term woman in his life; a female tennis star which he claims nearly lead to marriage but likewise it was never known if this was a sexual relationship vanilla or other. Could he possibly be asexual, which again would be no great shame in admitting, or is this insisted shroud of religious devotion really covering something more obscure sex-wise that has sadly robbed him of a compatible experience?

Within so many families in all walks of life there are always the odd bachelor or spinster who remain childless and never seen in lasting relationships; can they all be explained away by homosexuality (or even asexuality) - or could there be something even more enigmatic lurking denying them this experience, something that just isn’t accepted or yet classified in the study of sexology?